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What we do


We write native C# code and make video games able to be played by the world. We make high scores exist, characters jump, and game mechanics.


We develop games and develop professional skills. We develop the ability to create a technology hub wherever we go.


We tell the world about our video games. We help everyone enjoy the fruits of our labour. We work with social media and local members of the community to make great games for great causes.


We do not want to keep knowledge to ourselves. We want to collaborate and learn. We bring new people in and teach them how to do things better.


We play a lot of games. We make a lot of games. We play the games we make. We play big games and learn from them. The world plays our games and learns from us.


We work very hard to make video games. We work very hard to stay on top of what the video game industry is going to do next and we master it.

What We will Help You will do

Make Games

Do you want to know how to make video games? Let us show you how. We will show you how to make games that other people will play, enjoy, and play again and again and again.


One of the best parts of making a video game is working with other people. We will help you learn how to develop in a video game pipeline that utilizes the strengths that everyone is bringing to the team.

Be Known

It's one thing to make a game, it's something completely different to get people to play it. We will teach you how to publish your games so anyone who has a mobile device or computer can play them.

What people are saying about us

"The Maine Game Summer Camp, under the direction of Mike Preble, is a great opportunity for students to engage in video game development, marketing and community relationships. I highly recommend this learning opportunity for students, whether they have a computer related career interest or just enjoy the challenges of coding."

David Perloff, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Perloff Family Foundation

"The Maine Game Club has given my son the tools to expand his skills in video game design. He has learned coding which will help him in his future as technology is the way of the future."

BJ Bowden

Robbie's Mom

"It is helping to turn a passion for video games in to a career."

Marilyn Gott

Mitch's Mom

"The Maine game has given him career goals, a focus in life, and made him more responsible."

Amy Brasslett

Alex's Mom

"Working with the Maine Game Club has been a pleasure. It is exciting to see students so motivated and excited to utilize their education and their skills. The Club has been working hard at developing a new video game that has an educational component about space and planets. The students have been creative, thoughtful and responsive. Their end product will be an excellent fit with our demographic at the Discovery Museum. They have created a fun, interactive game that has learning at its core. We are thrilled to partner with the Maine Game Club and UTC. It is an outstanding program."

Niles Parker

Executive Director

Maine Discovery Museum

"The hard work and dedication that the members of the Maine Game Club show on a regular basis is nothing short of amazing. That coupled with their ability to teach and do amazing technical things on a computer will make the summer camp a home run."

Michael Preble

Information Technology Instructory

United Technologies Center

"I am pleased that my son, Bradley, has had a productive outlet for his interest in computers and programming along with learning the importance of practical life applications such as communications and marketing."

Nancy Oakes

Brad's Mom

"The students who have participated in this program have all raved about the course, they never want to leave!"

Greg Miller


United Technologies Center

Our Games

Here are some of the games we have made. Play them! Have fun!

Solar System Scramble

STEM Education

Floppy Giraffe

STEM Education

Kannon Keep

STEM Education

Maine Counties

STEM Education

Monkey Hop

STEM Education

No Easy Way Out

STEM Education

Snow Rush

STEM Education

Sprinter Castle Rush

STEM Education

Summer Camp Details

Ci2 Lab @ USM

July 31 - Aug 11

Monday - Friday

9:00am - 1:00pm

Directions to USM Portland Campus

Baxter Academy

July 17 - July 28

Monday - Friday

9:00am - 1:00pm

Directions to Baxter




Number of available seats


Camp Counsellors


Certifications Available

After completing the camp you'll have:

At least 1 original game for mobile or PC

The knowledge how to publish future games to PC and mobile markets

1 or more certifications qualifying the work that you have done

Experience developing for virtual reality

A flash drive with all your work

Connections and friendships with local, talented, and motivated people

Game on!

We're happy to talk in perso or by phone or email!

Come and visit!

Ci2 Lab

Ci2 Lab @ USM

70 Falmoth Ave


(207) 370 9877


Baxter Academy

54 York St


(207) 370 9877

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